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Fall into Passion Pit!

Formed in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2007, Passion Pit was originally a one-man project consisting of Michael Angelakos, his laptop and a microphone.

The name Passion Pit came from an old slang term Angelakos heard in elementary school referring to a drive-in theater where kids go to make-out.  

After recording four tracks initially as a love-note to his then girlfriend, Angelakos passed the songs around Emerson College where it attracted much attention, giving birth to Passion Pit’s debut EP, Chunk of Change.

Soon Angelakos was approached by Ian Hultquist, who contributed keyboards and guitar to the band. The addition of Ayad Al Adhamy on the synthesizer, Jeff Apruzzese on the bass and Nate Donmoyer on the drums created Passion Pit’s eclectic and multi-layered sound.

The band released their album Manners in May of 2009 to both popular and critical acclaim. The album of indie-friendly electro-pop is both sincere and infectious, mixing a brightly toned sound with dance-floor friendly beats. Whimsical lyrics sung in Angelako’s high falsetto meld well with melodic synth loops to create songs that are brimming with emotion. Manners is extremely consistent and generates a euphoric and positive feeling the whole way through.

2009’s breakout artist, Passion Pit uses irresistible hooks and danceable electronic beats to create an album that is shameless in its pursuit of connecting emotionally to the listener. 



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