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Take a pleasure cruise…

YACHT is an electronic, experimental indie pop group originally founded in Portland, Oregon by Jona Bechtolt. 

YACHT’s debut album See Mystery Lights offers up a plethora of interesting sounds as well as quirky lyrics and unusual song structure.

Original member Jona Bechtolt is a visual artist as well as a writer, adding elaborate powerpoint presentations to his live performances as well as being the founder of a popular blogging web community.

Claire Evans, a former science writer and media artist had worked with Bechtolt before the release of See Mystery Lights, but did not officially join the group until earlier this year.

Loops and synth beats are expertly combined with the vocal stylings of both Bechtolt and Evans to produce and album that is upbeat enough enough for the dance floor, while retaining many rock and pop elements.

Key Tracks Include: I’m in love with a ripper, It’s boring/you can live anywhere you want, Psychic City (Voodoo City)

YACHT is currently touring with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and is known for their unique and dynamic live shows.



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